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for foreign customers

About Screen repair

[2016.12.08] スマホスピタル博多

カテゴリー:for foreign customers

Dear customer,

We are Smahospital Hakata.

The trouble that we get the most is about screen like, “dropped and then glass broken”,”screen is unresponsive”, and “it doesn’t display properly”.
Most of the people would call the device or charge it in order to make sure whether its power is on or not.


If the device responds, it can be repaired with LCD replacement.
The problem is when it doesn’t respond at all.


In the cases, it can be roughly divided into two causes.


One of the reason is that the LCD broke when the battery is low and then it run out.
Normally, when you charge your iPhone, it shows the sign, but you can’t see it because of broken LCD.


The other is that logic board is also broken besides LCD. So it won’t turn on properly.

The iPhone with large damage could became so called “Apple loops” -Apple logo shows repeatedly-, which is trouble that the device won’t turn on properly.

It also could be in recovery mode which makes you access the data.


We can repair LCD problems and give it back to you on the same day.

When you get your device which can’t turn on fixed at Apple store, it would cost a lot because it will be judged that it is totally damaged.

Just in case, feel free to consult Smahospital.


Sumahospital Hakata

Hakata pa-ru Bld.406, 1-3-8, Hakataeki Minami, Hakata-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 812-0016, Japan




福岡県福岡市博多区博多駅前3-26-14 第2宮島ビル2F

営業時間 10時30分〜20時30分 (無休)

電話番号 092-475-7007

E-mail info@iphonerepair-fukuoka.com

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ご相談・お見積受付 修理やカスタマイズなどのご相談はコチラ。iPhone修理 福岡(博多)

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